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ARCA Labs are proud to introduce our debut product, “The Rolling Box”. After years of design and testing we bring you the perfect combination of functionality, quality and beauty. The team consists of two brothers and a few others who were brave enough to join and contribute to our journey. With a varied background from the luxury vehicle sector to graphic design and high end metal fabrication, we all played our part in this project.

In the Beginning

We realised something had to change when yet another rolling box bought online broke after only a couple of months, making it totally unusable. This time instead of just buying another one and wasting more money we decided to design our own. After researching researching currently available rolling boxes, we quickly realised that their quality had improved very little (if at all!) over the last 10 years. Although the job of a rolling box hasn’t changed, the available materials and technology around it has - it was time for us to make the rolling box of our dreams.

Our aim was to use modern day technology, materials and techniques to design and produce a supreme quality rolling box for the 21st century user and that is exactly what we have done. The ARCA labs rolling box is tough with an integrated hinge that is strengthened and forms the back bone of the box. It is beautiful with its sleek exterior lines and interior space saving design. With the use of magnets to replace clasps and catches used in many dated designs along with a smell proof seal and integrated LED light source this rolling box is a premium product. The next step is to bring it to market and that's where you come in.

Looking Forward

Our target is £90,000 and we have calculated that this will cover tooling cost and set up, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping of the first special Founder Edition Rolling Boxes marked from 1-1000

With a major shift in social acceptance and the recent legalisation around the globe, the popularity of our culture is at an all time high. Our box has been designed by the modern smoker for the modern smoker and we want to share it with you.

The ARCA Labs team.